Shop A Thon

Join Simply From The Heart and other chic savvy boutiques throughout Chicago + the surrounding communities for our 1st Annual Shop-a-thon Giveback Event. In honor of Valentine’s Day, help others SHOP SWEET while we all foster a prosperous community for an entire month of your choice!  
Simply From The Heart, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides hospitalized patients complimentary bedside beauty services to help raise self-esteem and encourage well-being.
What we do: During a volunteer shift, we deploy what is known as the “Glam Squad” to over 10 hospitals nationwide on a monthly basis to pamper individuals suffering from a terminal illness or life-threatening disease and undergoing extended hospital stays and treatment. We believe bringing the small things in the life one can take for granted—manicures, makeovers, hair styling, hand massages, simple conversation—to those fighting cancer or chronic illness helps empower patients to look and feel like the beautiful warriors they are. As part of our services, every patient also receives their OWN “Glam Box” filled with over 25 beauty products inside!  

Join the Shop-a-thon! 

  • Be an official drop off location for our monthly “beauty drive.” This means requesting from us where items collected for patient glam boxes can be dropped off. The items we collect are lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation. eyeshadow, nail polish, topcoat, hand lotion, and any hair accessories.  All items must be NEW/UNUSED.
  • Display SFTHeart flyer on your window and by checkout for all customers & clients to see.
  • Donate a portion of proceeds on a specif day from a specific item or service during the month chosen.

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