Accomplishing Our Mission

At Simply From The Heart, accomplishing our mission is a collective effort, with every heart contributing to make it possible.

Our Dedicated Heart Squad

Simply From The Heart is intricately crafted to celebrate and honor our dedicated VOLUNTEERS, our cherished Heart Squad, infusing every act with the magic of their hearts. The core of SFTH holds a sweet story of two ambitious young girls, our founder, Jackelyn Kastanis and her childhood best friend Brooke Bolley, united by a shared sense of curiosity and an unwavering belief in redefining what’s possible, transcending the challenges of the hospital surroundings.

From Inspiration to Movement

Inspired by their own experiences within the confines of hospital life, Jackelyn and Brooke rejected limitations. Just as they embraced their unique strengths, our Heart Squad is now recreating the enchantment of supportive friendships through beauty products and transformative experiences. Despite challenges, memories of laughter-filled moments and shared makeovers have not only fueled a decade-long movement but have also crafted an atmosphere for patients filled with light air and camaraderie. Here, individuals move in tandem, weaving a tapestry of enduring connections.

Transformative Power of Friendship

This shared sense of curiosity birthed SFTH, a movement ignited by the transformative power of friendship. It believes that every individual, regardless of hospital constraints, can discover themselves, reconnect with what’s familiar, and embrace the normalcy of life before their illness, all alongside a friend. Expanding across numerous cities and states, SFTH is a haven where every individual, regardless of circumstance, can discover their full potential, form lifelong connections, and embark on a journey to live with their heart forward.

Join Our Empowering Journey

Join us in this empowering journey where the unity of like-minded individuals fosters lasting friendships and opportunities to redefine what’s possible, benefiting patients both within and beyond the hospital walls. Here, the magic of unity unlocks endless possibilities. Together, we are accomplishing our mission.

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