What It Means To Be An Ambassador!

All of our volunteers have a huge impact on the patient’s experience and no one is exempt from playing a part in the patient’s moral boost and perception of the “Glam Squad.” The services provided not only heighten the way they look, but more importantly how they feel. Being pampered and cared for is what we believe empowers patients to look good, feel better, and promote healing and recovery. When you raise a patient’s spirit, it brings out the fight in them and reminds them why life can be worth living. This is what we believe gives patients the strength to live their life more normally, helping them push through their most trying times with pride.

As an Ambassador, you are responsible for making sure your team is respecting the short, yet imperative time we have with these patients. Simply From The Heart has been providing outstanding care, community and comfort to patients and families for five years now, and we know you can help us sustain this great reputation. Remember, there are many ways to impact the patient’s experience- good and bad. In your role, we are relying on you to be committed to having an all eyes and all ears approach. Being attentive, courteous, watchful, respectful and gracious in making sure your team delivers the upmost impeccable patient experience is what we rely on from our Ambassadors.

How To Get Optimal Results! The Ambassador Program was created to help us expand our mission to new community members and cater to the demand of a countless number of well-deserved patients. The idea is that individuals that are interested and qualified can contact their local hospital, gather a group of friends and use this packet as their road map to getting started. That said, we are relying on the Ambassador to take responsibility for helping fill their own shift. We ask that you post about it, leave flyers out at your daily stops and shine light on this mission to your community and network. Once you have coordinated and approved your shift with the hospital, it will then be added on our SFTH Group Me calendar. At his point, it is open for all existing and qualified volunteers, however it should be referred to as a second resource. Moving forward, we ask that you put in necessary effort to try and expand this service to your network and community.